Stony, Superfamily, Sam Winchester and reblogs.

Hello there fellow others! This blog is mainly about Stony with a lot of reblogs of mainly J2 and Sam Winchester and some Wincest and other reblogs. Oh, and I take writing prompts. So there's that.
If you hate on Sam Winchester on my blog, I have no problem raising hell and fighting you. None at all.
I have fanfiction on AO3 and my user name is Superheronerd_1
If you hate on anything on my blog really, I am not afraid to give you hell so go ahead. Start shit.
I fucking dare you.
There's the ask box so go ahead.
Also, if anyone wants, go ahead and messge me. My name is really Madison and I have recently discovered that I am asexual. But I love butts.Bon Jovi is one of the greatest things to walk the earth. Jared Padalecki is a close second. I enjoy new friends (although I suck at keeping in connection with them)
I live in the Untied States of America so of course I'm too free to talk so that might be why I forget. I need my eagle to remind me every hour to say the plege of alligence to the flag hanging in my room.
That might also be why I welcome the hate. Because I'm too free to tolerate them.